Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chicken and spicy sausage kebabs!

1 pack of boneless skinless chicken breast- cubed 2 inch pieces
herbs 2 tablespoons minced- thyme, sage, and rosemary
1 tablespoon olive oil
kosher salt and pepper- to your taste

Mix all ingredients together and let sit in fridge for at least 2 hours.
1 large red and yellow pepper- cut into 2 inch pieces
1 package of large white capped mushrooms- remove stems and wipe with a wet towel
1 pack of Italian spicy sausages- cut into 2 inch pieces
You should get your skewers ready! We use metal ones. If not soak them in waster for 30 minute's. Construct your kebabs. I start with a mushroom. I then move to the chicken with sausage and peppers to follow. We grill these in medium high heat. Resist the urge to turn until one side is browned.
6 to 8 small to medium potatoes medium dice
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary- minced
3 shallots- small dice
2 tablespoons olive oil
kosher salt and pepper to taste

Use a large piece of heavy duty alum foil. Add all ingredients. Wrap like a package. Place on grill. Cook until tender. Time varies you can always open them to check.

Summer has been a scorcher! We have been strictly cooking on the grill! This is a fabulous meal full of great taste and color! Remember, you can ROCK THAT PLATE!

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