Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A very novel idea!

I always love to share....I am prone to writing recipes for anyone who asks. I started this blog because, I have scrawled recipes on anything. I have used scraps of paper to what I consider -ow so formal-as an email! This is an avenue to collect my thoughts, adventures and whacked-out sensibility pertaining to food. I hope you enjoy and maybe contribute!
My mission is to document what I cook! I will take pictures and discuss how I made dinner. My culinary history runs the gambit! I have cooked and baked in local restaurant's, 10 or more years ago. I am obsessed with cookbooks and periodicals pertaining to food. Not to mention what I consider time well spent: watching No Reservations, Good eats, Cooking in Brooklyn, Top Chef, and anything with Rick Bayless!

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