Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 Transit Connect Premium XLT Wagon Winner! We are moving on up with help from our friends!

Our amazing new logos are in. You will notice fantastic changes at the restaurant, new menus, new signs, restaurant fronts, the Transit is being wrapped, and changes on our website! I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to local graphic designer Scott Smith. He is brilliant! A huge WE LOVE YOU goes to Patrick Rich from Healthy Hometown- coordinator and nutritionist for this grant.

Sandy Hood is wrapping our Transit on Monday. She deserves all the business we can send her! She is also a woman owned business. SHE IS DONATING HER TIME AND MATERIALS! Here is a link for info on Sign* A *Rama:

Sandy Hood from Sign*A*Rama - Dixie
4436 Dixie Highway
Louisville, Ky. 40216
502.448.2134 store

This is our 2012 Ford Transit Connect XLT Premium Wagon that we won in a contest in January. THANK YOU Ford Motor Company!!! This totally customizable Transit Connect has rocked our world!! Bill Collins Ford help us locally with ordering and customization. A big shout out goes to Marcus McClung. He is a Ford expert! You need a Ford from this guy!
You can reach him at:

We opened a second aspect of our company as a direct result of having the Transit! We are now catering with the greatest of ease. Moving loads of product in and out of any job is a breeze. I can actually stand up inside of the Transit. That saves your back tremendously. It holds a ton of equipment. It gets better gas mileage than our previous truck. We now have Hands free phone sync system so, Oprah will be happy. It also is a BEAUTIFUL moving "billboard" for my company. I currently rock the new mica-stone color just released this year (2012).

If you see us rolling around town. We will stop and let you look inside! We named him "ROCKY" for Rock That Plate Cafe! We hope to have a fleet of these beauties soon. Remember, you can ROCK THAT PLATE and now the ROAD!!!!

Here is a link to find out more about the Ford Motor Company & the Transit Connect !


Scott Empringham said...

Congratulations! The truck looks fantastic. I know you're gonna do great! Can't wait to get a bite when I'm out your way.

Scott Empringham said...

Congratulations! The truck looks great. I hear great things about Rock that plate and can't wait to get a bite when I'm out your way!

Marcus D. McClung said...

Glad to see that everything is going well for you. It was a pleasure being of service to you guys. Thank you for giving me a plug here on your site. If anyone comes in because of the plug, I will send you a little thank you fee. This goes for any other person that sees this comment. I also can be reached at 502-472-9847