Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baba Ghanouj !

This is simply eggplant dip from the Middle East. It is ever so yummy! I serve this with warmed Lavosh (Lebanese flat bread) or pita bread. There is no dairy or meat in this so it is great for Vegans. I love it because it taste fabulous! It is very simple to make.
3 large eggplant- stab with a fork several times
1/2 cup tahina- ground sesame paste- you can get at Kroger (by the olives or in health food section)
1 bunch of flat leaf parsley (1/3 amount of sprigs)
1 bunch of fresh mint (1/3 amount of sprigs)
2 cloves of garlic
3 lemons - juiced
salt and pepper
6 pited and minced Kalamata olives
Sumac (non poisioness spice powder) to sprinkle on top- I finally found this locally at Creation Gardens, but you can Google this....You can find anything on the net!

Place all eggplants in a 400 degree oven on a sheet pan. Let them cook until they soften and fall in on themselves about 45- 1 hour. Get your food processor out- add garlic and washed parsley and mint and let her rip. Should be minced fine. Add tahina 1/4 cup water, lemon juice and give it a whirl. All of this should be whipped together. Add the meat of the eggplant to the food processor. I try to remover as much of the seed as I can, but I am neurotic about food prep. You guessed it blend again. Know taste it. It will probably need salt and possibly more lemon juice.
I take a plate and put a large amount in the middle. I use a spoon to swirl this to the edges. I top with some fresh minced parsley and mint. I sprinkle Sumac (optional) on top. On each side I added minced Kalamata olives. I also swirl olive oil on top. This is all about presentation. You can great wow factor for little work! Enjoy! Remember you can ROCK THAT PLATE!

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