Thursday, October 8, 2009

HouseParty with Glory Foods!

I am participating in a HouseParty for Glory Foods products. This is a recipe I posted while exchanging recipes with fellow participants. If you are interested in HouseParty please leave me a comment and your email address.

Pumpkin or sweet potato bundt cake:

I make a bundt cake with pumpkin, but I'm going to sub the sweet potato casserole canned product!
1 box spice cake mix
# of eggs on box
14 or 15 oz of the Glory sweet potato casserole product or canned pumpkin
1/3 cup milk
( you can add pecans and bourbon for a real southern twist!)

Add milk, Glory sweet potato product or pumpkin, and eggs- cream together and add the spice boxed cake mix! Beat with mixer as you would any cake! I put this in a bundt cake pan an bake on 300 degrees until a knife comes out clean. The lower baking temp tends to yield a soft and moist cake.
Cream Cheese Icing:

I make icing by using Nuefchatel ( I think that's how you spell it!) --its is just lower fat cream cheese, zest of 1/2 orange and juice, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, powder sugar I add this until I get the consistency I like. This cake is fabulous with pumpkin and should be great with the Glory sweet potato product! Notice there is no oil.

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