Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kefta! Kefta! Kefta! KEFTA!

This is Kefta before it hits the oven or the grill!

This is Kefta before it hits the pita bread and the dinner plate!

I made Kefta for dinner again! I took some more beauty shots. You can find this recipe under the tags of Beef and International foods. I am saying it again. This is worth the effort. It is full of great tasting veggies and has great quality ingredients. For those who do not know, the sauce, is made with tahini (ground sesame paste) it does not contain cream, cheese, or any other dairy. This sauce is great on anything. You can use this sauce on pasta with roasted veggies, on sandwiches, in pita pockets and on most proteins. It is very versatile. This has become Jason's favorite dish! I hope you try it. Remember, you can ROCK THAT PLATE!
Here is a link for the Quinoa topping recipe!

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